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Basic Editing Services

Editorial Assessment

Get an outside viewpoint on your current work with this read-through and

one-page assessment.

$350 for up to 50K words

$500 for up to 100K words

$650 for up to 125K words

(Payment may be applied to a full developmental edit if requested.)

Developmental Edit

Let's take an in-depth look at overall story and story elements, all while making a plan for your next draft.


Choose our base level, detailed developmental letter or add on margin notes.

$0.025 / word - letter only

$0.03 / word - margin notes & letter


Close to the finish line and still looking for a late-stage run-through?


This edit will polish your pages while also pointing out any overlooked issues.

$0.02 / word

Editing Services,
Picture Book Manuscripts

Picture Book rates are slightly different than rates for full-length manuscripts. While they have fewer words, each of those words works harder when it comes to carrying plot, mood, theme, and characterization. Because of this, it is common for picture book rates to be based on specific kinds of services rather than word count. 



Combine two services for a reduced price. Manuscripts will get one pass for content and story, as well as a later pass for copyediting



Developmental Edit

Dive into story and wording. You'll receive margin notes and a detailed letter.



A final clean-up on your Picture Book manuscript.


Contact Me 
For More Info

All edits include an optional 30 minutes Zoom session.

For more information about services, please reach out here 

or send an email to: 

dandelionediting (at)

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