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Poetry Questions

I've been sorting my poems from last year. I wrote one every day, and now I'm trying to figure out what to do with them. It's a rather strange process.

There are some poems that are only for me. I had to write a poem that day, about something that mattered to me. I did, but it doesn't sound especially nice, and it also wouldn't mean much to anyone else. Poems like:

Three packages
offered up
by one chilly mailman.
Mail always makes the day gleam brighter.
These are poems that did help me think of a moment that made me happy, and remember it. And they are poems that tell about me. I love to get the mail. I order catalogs and write letters and send cards, all so that I can hope for something to come in the mail. So, now I have a poem about it. Yay. These poems go into the "unsorted" pile. They are not much use to anyone but myself.

There are also poems that are just plain bad. Poems I truly, truly only wrote because I had to. They could have been written better…

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