Do you think life goes through ebbs and flow? People say it does, and I suppose that makes sense. But in the midst of life, that all seems just a tad bit irritating. I mean, it’s a bit irritating when you’re on the ebb, as it were. In the trough. Going through the bottom. Mostly I’m talking about “self” here. Sure, life goes through sickness and health, poverty and wealth, summer and winter – and that’s annoying enough, but I’m talking about feeling happy with self, at the moment. Empowered with self. Today’s quote, courtesy of my current Mary Englebreit calendar, a calendarĀ I’ve loved gettingRead More →

Follow my blog with Bloglovin After 13 years of renting, finally owning our home is a little overwhelming. All these decisions to make about how to update/change/fix the house, and I don’t feel very capable when it comes to making them. I KNEW we should take down the horrendous wallpaper. So, I did that. Yay. But everything else is a huge debate with myself about what needs to be done, what I’m going to do about it, and how. Recently, I decided to stop being so indecisive and get another obvious problem taken care of. Shall I introduce you to my ugly glider:    Read More →

And how are our dogs? Let’s be honest, I had to wait a while on our update because there have been many a day I hoped the dogs would manage to get themselves lost and run away. Our pups are extremely good-natured and very smart – after all they’re labradoodles – but they are also puppies, and they are large, and they insist on pooping regularly. Cleaning up the yard isn’t exactly the most fun ever. The kids did a great job helping until all the snow, at which point they found it way too tricky. Luckily the pups don’t have pooping accidents in theRead More →

You know it’s been a while when you can’t quite remember how to log into your blog.   What with Justin getting a new job, our family buying a new house, me having a new baby, and the entire crew moving across the country – to say I haven’t written in a while would be an understatement.   So, in an effort to have any know-how for getting back at my manuscript in September, I am going to try to write some essays during the month of August. And by “write essays” I loosely mean, try to write some words again, ones that go inRead More →

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