I’ve been forgetting to post some of my “Everyday Poems.” I explained here how I’m trying to write one poem everyday, a thankful/gratitude poem for a beautiful moment. They don’t always get typed up immediately, and they are all first-draft poems, but here are a few of my favorites from the past few weeks:   Day 34 – February 3, 2017   Have you ever pretended to be a ninja while going to get a cup of milk?   If not, you have missed out on sliding across the floor, bounding to your feet, and celebrating the victory of a cup grabbed from the cupboard andRead More →

This year I began a new project on January 1st. Yes, it’s pretty typical to start new projects with the beginning of the year, but that’s because it is such a nice, new, fresh start. New calendars. New notebooks. No mistakes. I had tried this project last May, but fizzled out before a week passed. Not surprising, since I was about a month away from delivering my sixth baby, and then moving across the country to a new home. But I still wanted to try the project, so when January 1st rolled around, I tried again. So far, it’s been going much better. I’ve evenRead More →

Summer   Sitting here and staring at the screen…. I have a lot of thoughts in my head…. but they are not germinating….   It may have something to do with Wild Kratts on the TV….   The big kids have gone to swimming lessons, and since I registered late, and all the toddler classes were full, Spencer is being consoled by large hippopotamus (plural?).   Sterling is enjoying it too. He roars for all animals. Raaaarrrrrrrr.   Summer is heavenly this year. The windows are open, cool air blowing through the house. And the bugs aren’t as horrible as seasons past. Although mosquitos doRead More →

Once upon a time, I used to blog pretty regularly. Then I stopped. Then I started again. But during that other blogging period, I printed out blog books. On Sunday we were reading them as a family and I came across this treasure. It made me laugh. It is still how I feel about January. And since it is green now and I actually like Iowa again, I thought I would post it here.   *****   I have written this post several times this week. You haven’t noticed? Oh, pardon me. It starts something like this: I hate January. January is stupid. January isRead More →