I‘ve been thinking about my dogs again. I know, I know, enough with the dogs. But hold on there with me for a moment. Because you see, spring is peeking out at us. Thank goodness February is here. The sun comes out. The temperatures have risen. The snow is melting. Which means mud. And muddy dogs. Which means a yard emerging from the dogs. And dogs finding things in it to chew. So you see, dogs are up front and center in my mind. Consuming my thoughts with chewed sprinkler heads, chewed power cords, chewed trampoline pads. With mud on paws and snouts. Mud that’s likely mixed with the mounds of poop that have hidden themselves away in those layers of snow. Dogs are kind of hard notRead More →

And how are our dogs? Let’s be honest, I had to wait a while on our update because there have been many a day I hoped the dogs would manage to get themselves lost and run away. Our pups are extremely good-natured and very smart – after all they’re labradoodles – but they are also puppies, and they are large, and they insist on pooping regularly. Cleaning up the yard isn’t exactly the most fun ever. The kids did a great job helping until all the snow, at which point they found it way too tricky. Luckily the pups don’t have pooping accidents in theRead More →

This week I’ve been reading: “The Art of Raising a Puppy” by the Monks of New Skete. I’ve liked the book because it’s not so much “procedural” puppy instructions, but it’s a lot of information on how puppies grow, and why they think the way they do, and what is going on with them naturally. It makes me feel like I have more background information to make my own informed decisions about puppy training. (This may all turn out to be pretend when the puppies actually show up.) But it also reminds me a lot of children, and so it’s made me think about myRead More →

Recently our family did a slightly crazy thing. We decided to get dogs. To be honest, we are not really dog people. Both my husband and I are allergic, and I’ve learned not to pet dogs at other peoples’ houses in order to keep my eyes and nose from itching. I didn’t grow up allergic to dogs. I had my own dog that slept on my own bed. But pregnancy changes a lot of things, and I’ve been very allergic to animals since the first time I grew a baby inside me and then pushed her out. Mostly cats, which I can’t be around atRead More →

Lately our family has been discussing dogs. Our children love to see dogs out and about, although they’re a bit frightened of them because they aren’t used to them at all. I grew up with pets, and I loved having them. My dog Ceasar slept on my bed. I may not have been able to spell his name at the time, but he was always up for a good cuddle. And we had kittens almost every year. There’s nothing like a sleeping kitten tucked inside your arm. But our children have never had pets. Partly because we’ve been renting for millennia, and partly because bothRead More →