Do you think life goes through ebbs and flow? People say it does, and I suppose that makes sense. But in the midst of life, that all seems just a tad bit irritating. I mean, it’s a bit irritating when you’re on the ebb, as it were. In the trough. Going through the bottom. Mostly I’m talking about “self” here. Sure, life goes through sickness and health, poverty and wealth, summer and winter – and that’s annoying enough, but I’m talking about feeling happy with self, at the moment. Empowered with self. Today’s quote, courtesy of my current Mary Englebreit calendar, a calendar I’ve loved gettingRead More →

Follow my blog with Bloglovin After 13 years of renting, finally owning our home is a little overwhelming. All these decisions to make about how to update/change/fix the house, and I don’t feel very capable when it comes to making them. I KNEW we should take down the horrendous wallpaper. So, I did that. Yay. But everything else is a huge debate with myself about what needs to be done, what I’m going to do about it, and how. Recently, I decided to stop being so indecisive and get another obvious problem taken care of. Shall I introduce you to my ugly glider:    Read More →

I’ve been forgetting to post some of my “Everyday Poems.” I explained here how I’m trying to write one poem everyday, a thankful/gratitude poem for a beautiful moment. They don’t always get typed up immediately, and they are all first-draft poems, but here are a few of my favorites from the past few weeks:   Day 34 – February 3, 2017   Have you ever pretended to be a ninja while going to get a cup of milk?   If not, you have missed out on sliding across the floor, bounding to your feet, and celebrating the victory of a cup grabbed from the cupboard andRead More →

I‘ve been thinking about my dogs again. I know, I know, enough with the dogs. But hold on there with me for a moment. Because you see, spring is peeking out at us. Thank goodness February is here. The sun comes out. The temperatures have risen. The snow is melting. Which means mud. And muddy dogs. Which means a yard emerging from the dogs. And dogs finding things in it to chew. So you see, dogs are up front and center in my mind. Consuming my thoughts with chewed sprinkler heads, chewed power cords, chewed trampoline pads. With mud on paws and snouts. Mud that’s likely mixed with the mounds of poop that have hidden themselves away in those layers of snow. Dogs are kind of hard notRead More →

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