It's the last day of January and I have a few things to say:

1. I normally HATE January, but I haven't this year. It's a Christmas miracle! Or rather a "month without a holiday, but with three family birthdays, miracle!"

2. I needed the emptiness of January this year. We had several Saturdays with nothing scheduled, and the idea of having nowhere to be (read: no blasted Nutcracker rehearsals to shuttle girls to and from!) was lovely. I felt like cozying up inside and disappearing, and January let me do that.

3. It has not been frigid, and I have not needed to shovel. Last year we shoveled and shoveled and shoveled. And this year, right after Justin got his shoulder operated on, it stopped snowing. Hallelujah! I actually like shoveling once or twice. But when you shovel in the morning and you have to shovel at night again, it is much too depressing.

4. We've had fun activities to plan. This year there are a lot of adventures we're making happen because last year we couldn't (death to dissertations). It's almost better to look forward to an adventure. None of the hassle and chaos has arrived, it's only glowing and warm to think about.

5. I've been thinking about our garden. I want to try some plants inside this year so I have more to plant outside when the time comes, and I've been looking at seed catalogs. I know nothing about gardening, and need to learn more, but it's fun to think about the yard, and also be unable to have to work in it. Oh dear. I think I must enjoy dreaming more than work!

And now, January, ado. I hope February ups it game too, or it will thenceforth go down as the suckiest month of the year from here on out. (Autocorrect changed suckiest to luckiest. Is it a sign????)


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