8 minute memoir turned 8 minute fiction: love is the only thing that can turn an enemy into a friend.

(prompts from @anndeecandy)


She meant for him to forgive her. He could see that.

They'd been walking for days, and she'd spent the majority of them growling at him. He didn't choose their direction properly when they started off in the morning. He didn't build camp as comfortably as she would have hoped. He didn't cook with any flavor.

Never mind that she didn't do it either.

He began ignoring her. Staring off into the distance when she spoke. Never looking behind when the trail got long. She would follow or not. He would be happy with the results either way. If she got lost, he would be free.

But today, when he'd dropped his pack and placed his hand on the tree to breathe a long breath in and out, she'd gone into the woods for branches herself.

Of course, the ones she brought back were much too wet.

He supposed he could growl back at her. Keep silent. Or even let her try to light them, allowing his eyes to laugh when she failed to grow more than smoke.

He could permit her to be untouched by accomplishment as well.

Instead he pulled the branches from her hands, took her into the woods, and pointed out where she could find dry tinder. He still didn't speak to her. That would have to come another day. God willing.


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