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Traveling and Lost Luggage

Well, I have moved my blog back to Blogger from WordPress. Actually, my brother did all that. I do not speak domain language.

In the midst of these changes, I have managed to misplace the last two years of blog posts. Now, I make make an effort to retrieve them... or I may not. WordPress never made much sense to me, which was the problem. I don't know why changing my domain name has disappeared a whole blog, but so be it. At the moment I'm not feeling particularly attached to all those ramblings. A new year approaches. Onward and upward, right?

Still, with all that said, I find it necessary - for some unknown reason - to note that I've come to a new home in this world of blogging. Or returned to an old home, I suppose. And it seems my luggage got lost on another train. I might just buy new luggage. Luggage more suited to my current tastes. It seems more efficient than running down that other train and searching for all that's lost.