House Project

House Project

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After 13 years of renting, finally owning our home is a little overwhelming. All these decisions to make about how to update/change/fix the house, and I don’t feel very capable when it comes to making them. I KNEW we should take down the horrendous wallpaper. So, I did that. Yay. But everything else is a huge debate with myself about what needs to be done, what I’m going to do about it, and how. Recently, I decided to stop being so indecisive and get another obvious problem taken care of. Shall I introduce you to my ugly glider:



Honestly, we have had this glider since our first child was born. It was gifted to us by Justin’s grandparents, and despite it’s spectacular fabric, we have made good use of it. It’s rocked six babies, and done a lovely job. Of course, I could have fixed this any time over the last 13 years, but I kind of operated in this world of “someday we’ll really own a house, and we’ll pick our own furniture, according to our tastes” fantasy. Ha! Yes, indeedy, we do own our own house. But we don’t have the kinds of funds to go about buying fancy smancy new furniture that matches. So, what to do about the glider. Because it was definitely staying, and yet that fabric definitely needed to go.



I spent a lot of time looking at fabric stores and wallowing in my inability to make a decision, and then finally one day I told myself: “Self, I am going to the store and coming home with fabric. Whatever is there will have to be good enough. Make a decision already!!!” Of course, the fabric I ended up liking was the most expensive – face palm. Luckily it was on a 50% off sale (I sometimes wonder if fabric is always “50 % off”) and the lady cutting it for me texted me another coupon for another 20% off. So, I didn’t feel too horrible for liking over-the-top fabric. Then I set to work sewing covers for the cushions.


Now, a smart person would have measured and such, but instead I put my current cushions on the fabric and set to cutting around them. I knew from past pillow coverings that I wanted to fabric to fit tight… but not so tight that I couldn’t finish the last seam. So, I went out about 1/2 an inch from the cushions when I cut. I should have given myself a little more fabric on the seat cushion, and it’s kind of crammed in there. But there you go. By some chance of fate, I was forgiven for not measuring or thinking a little more, and I had the right amount of material to sew all the cushions with the stripes running the same direction (I hadn’t thought of that when I bought the fabric, face palm again). I was glad I’d paid a little more for upholstery fabric, since we’ll be sitting on these cushions quite a bit before I ever get around to sewing new coverings again.



Then, I set down to finding buttons. I debated between gold and brown, but went with brown to match the glider itself. I then sent my mother and friends all kinds of pictures with button designs. They weren’t much impressed, and suggested I calm myself down and sew four buttons in a square.



Which resulted in this gold-striped glider for our bedroom:



I’m happy with the finished product, although I should have taken a little more time on that foot cushion so that it didn’t end up with an ugly seam on one side. Luckily, I put that side against the wall, and so it’s not up for much viewing. And since this glider is in my bedroom, mostly Justin and I will spend time staring at its deficiencies. Overall, it’s a ton better than the rainbow pastels of yesteryear. And I obviously should have taken the time to fix it long ago.

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