Girls Who Choose God

I missed last week's Five Things for Friday. (But I like to think my friend Donna - my Five Things for Friday inspiration - made up for me by posting 10 Things on her blog last week. Go Donna! And check it out here.) However, I did have one thing in my head that I would have included in my post if I had managed it, and that was this lovely book right here:


This is the second in a series, first book here, that I already have learned to love. Combining extraordinarily lovely illustrations with great narrative (both thought-provoking and powerful) it is a favorite part of my scripture stories for kids library. The first book looks at women in the Bible, and this book looks at women in the Book of Mormon. As a mother of girls - one of whom is constantly asking about women in the scriptures - this is a great resource that I would recommend.

Check out the story of the series here at Segullah.


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