Fall Mania and Tribbles

This week I've been bitten by the "Oh no, it's going to get cold soon, and then I won't want to drag garbage out of my house, or take all those Goodwill bags to Goodwill bug." And also the "I must clean up everything now, now, now because my mind is going crazy with all these piles bug." This means that while kiddos work through their Math and Spelling I have been wandering around the house cleaning up drawers and closets and messes of things that - so help me - grow like tribbles in my house.

You do not know what tribbles are? Gasp! Neither does Justin. And when I brought them up, and he looked at me with confusion, I said to him: "It is an utter travesty that a girl who likes Star Trek is wasted on a boy who could care less." And he said: "You are just lucky you found someone who would marry a girl who likes Star Trek." And then I hit him with a pillow and told him to start over with his wooing for the night.

Star Trek Tribbles aside, I have been cleaning this week, which means I have not been very good at blogging. But at least I have taken six bags of items to Goodwill and 5 bags of items to the trash, and finished going through two floors of my house. So, should I die tomorrow, please realize I am planning to get to the third floor on Saturday. Because that floor is a beast - because it is the children's domain and they like to keep things like rocks, and slips of paper with incomprehensible scribbles on them, and dolls without heads, and other such sundry items. And so I don't think I can swing out of Math and English and handle the evil domain of the basement all in one fell swoop. I must concentrate all my energy and mind power on that - which means Saturday it must be. (Though Meg did clean her own desk yesterday - without being asked! - so at least I don't have to tie her in the corner while I address that particular mountain of refuse.)

And now, a tribble, because everyone should know what a tribble is (think rabbits, people, think rabbits):




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