Calendaring and I-Con

Every Sunday I sit myself down and go over my weekly schedule. A lot of this is the same every week (school schedule), but it helps me to move through what the week has ahead, and take all three of my calendars (I write things down toooooo many places) and be sure it all works together. This week, the "forgotten" item was tomorrow's signing at I-Con.

Because I will be at the Barnes & Noble, Cedar Rapids, IA location for a multi-author pre- I-con signing event tomorrow evening!!

Boy am I glad I get my act together before the week begins! That would have been embarrassing.

It wasn't that I haven't been excited to participate in the I-Con event (Iowa's Comic Con), but when I made plans for the event, it seemed so very far away. How in the world is it already October?????? Seriously, should it not still be July? Because this is totally insane to me.

I got involved with I-Con because of the wonderful Michael Koogler, a fellow Iowan writer who has always been willing to help me and fill me in on what's going on with the local writing scene. You definitely need to check out his blog here and see the very exciting way he's getting involved with the Star Trek world. So fun!

So, anyhow, tomorrow I'm off to a signing. Be brave for me, and if you're the in the area, it would be great to see you!


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