5 Things for Friday

1. Ellie and I saw this poster at the store. 


I think it's some famous grumpy cat, but I found it hilarious. I think sometimes, especially late at night, Justin might find me a little too much like this grumpy cat. It it's after 10:00 pm, I can find fault with pretty much anything.

2. I finally saw Bearskin on a real, live bookshelf (Barnes and Noble in Coralville).



Because Bearskin was published with a regional publisher, and because there are a million books in the world and they can't all be on every shelf, not every bookstore carries Bearskin. It is always available on Amazon or BarnesandNoble.com, and you can always request a B&N or an Indie store order it in for you, but as to what bookshelves it shows up on, all on its own, that seems to be pretty much a random sort of business. So, it was fun to be walking through the mall and finally see my own book on the bookshelves. I've certainly spent a few years walking through B&N and wishing that might be so. Yay for a little of Bearskin in the wild.

3. Speaking of which...

Thank you for everyone who's supported Bearskin. And if you want to support it even more, (enter shameless marketing for my last ditch effort before I crawl back into my hole and live in happy seclusion once again) you can do that by adding the book on Goodreads, adding a review to Goodreads or Amazon, or suggesting Bearskin for your local book club. I'm totally happy to do a Skype session with any bookclubs who are interested, although it's very likely I'll say something stupid or need to sneeze in the middle of it all. So, be forewarned!!!

4. Recently, I picked up these books for homeschool and for a writing workshop I'm doing with the North Liberty Library in October.



We started with Lesson One in the Elementary Age version this Monday, and both of my girls LOVED it. The lesson had them each create a character, give them a tragic flaw, and then write their tragic tale. Ellie went all out with a prince who tried to save a princess, but ended up eating a cupcake and dooming them to misery and woe. I like how the lessons aren't difficult to present, and do more than say: here's a topic, write about it for five minutes. Not only did it give a writing prompt, it also taught an important writing skill - how flaws affect our characters and stories. I'm excited to see what we get next week.

5. General Conference

This weekend is General Conference!! I'm excited because that also means it's Justin's birthday (cake!), we get to have a lot of family time, and because I love the messages and wisdom we get from Church leaders. If you too have questions about life and need to be encouraged and inspired, check it out:

I'm sure that there's some magic way to put a pretty picture and link there, but I don't have it. I'm just not talented at computers.

I really enjoyed the first session of conference last week, and plan on writing down all my thoughts once I spend some more time with the talks. (I'm a visual person, and listening means I miss half of everything that's said). Things that have stuck with me, despite the whole listening thing, include the fact that Jesus often taught with.... stories.  Yep, that's a pretty obvious statement. But as someone who loves stories, and often wonders whether I love them too much, it was a great reminder of the power in the written word and how much more easy it is to connect to characters and their lives than an instruction sheet on how to live life good. So, come to conference, and have a happy weekend!


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