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Half-witted Poetry

Fire bright, leaves that once were green. They signal me into my home. Bushes as backgrounds  for growing children. Heralds of change.
The red came much too early this year, a snap of frost confusing them. But heat returned, they halted their change, and waited for true fall. I shivered at the color they intended, and closed my eyes to block it out.
But now the red is finishing, creeping over the leaves, from one end of those bushes to the other. And I realize, as I shut my eyes at them, that it is time to open wide, and drink the bright red in.
Each item in its place, and I breathe. It's a way to make things right. Clean a drawer, order a closet, throw out the bags of garbage and  move the furniture, if you will. When nothing else can be changed or ordered. At least all this will do as I say. For now.
He tightens his arms around my shoulders, not my neck - not like his brother before. He holds my whole self in those tiny arms, and leans right in.
There are days, he h…

Calendaring and I-Con

Every Sunday I sit myself down and go over my weekly schedule. A lot of this is the same every week (school schedule), but it helps me to move through what the week has ahead, and take all three of my calendars (I write things down toooooo many places) and be sure it all works together. This week, the "forgotten" item was tomorrow's signing at I-Con.
Because I will be at the Barnes & Noble, Cedar Rapids, IA location for a multi-author pre- I-con signing event tomorrow evening!!
Boy am I glad I get my act together before the week begins! That would have been embarrassing.
It wasn't that I haven't been excited to participate in the I-Con event (Iowa's Comic Con), but when I made plans for the event, it seemed so very far away. How in the world is it already October?????? Seriously, should it not still be July? Because this is totally insane to me.
I got involved with I-Con because of the wonderful Michael Koogler, a fellow Iowan writer who has always been w…

Girls Who Choose God

I missed last week's Five Things for Friday. (But I like to think my friend Donna - my Five Things for Friday inspiration - made up for me by posting 10 Things on her blog last week. Go Donna! And check it out here.) However, I did have one thing in my head that I would have included in my post if I had managed it, and that was this lovely book right here:

This is the second in a series, first book here, that I already have learned to love. Combining extraordinarily lovely illustrations with great narrative (both thought-provoking and powerful) it is a favorite part of my scripture stories for kids library. The first book looks at women in the Bible, and this book looks at women in the Book of Mormon. As a mother of girls - one of whom is constantly asking about women in the scriptures - this is a great resource that I would recommend.
Check out the story of the series here at Segullah.

Fall Mania and Tribbles

This week I've been bitten by the "Oh no, it's going to get cold soon, and then I won't want to drag garbage out of my house, or take all those Goodwill bags to Goodwill bug." And also the "I must clean up everything now, now, now because my mind is going crazy with all these piles bug." This means that while kiddos work through their Math and Spelling I have been wandering around the house cleaning up drawers and closets and messes of things that - so help me - grow like tribbles in my house.
You do not know what tribbles are? Gasp! Neither does Justin. And when I brought them up, and he looked at me with confusion, I said to him: "It is an utter travesty that a girl who likes Star Trek is wasted on a boy who could care less." And he said: "You are just lucky you found someone who would marry a girl who likes Star Trek." And then I hit him with a pillow and told him to start over with his wooing for the night.
Star Trek Tribbles as…

Gymnastics Lessons

(Disclaimer: I know nothing about gymnastics. I have never done a lick of gymnastics.  This is all just me looking around and observing. You know, that's how I roll.)
Last week I sat at gymnastics. This year, instead of freezing our little toes off at soccer, we put the boys in gymnastics. As the unsportiest of the unsporty, I am happy as a clam. Anyhow, there I was, sitting inside the lobby at gymnastics (no cold wind, no rain), reading a book while Sterling wandered around licking walls and such. I glanced upward to the gymnastics room, where I couldn't see the boys at all, and watched as a coach trained a girl on the bars. After a few moments watching it became apparent that they were working on falling. Over and over again, working on falling. And it occurred to me, from the girl's age and ability, that this was one of the skills they taught first. 
How to fall.
Because, honestly, how can you teach big tricks and skills if a gymnast doesn't know how to fall withou…

5 Things for Friday

1. Ellie and I saw this poster at the store. 

I think it's some famous grumpy cat, but I found it hilarious. I think sometimes, especially late at night, Justin might find me a little too much like this grumpy cat. It it's after 10:00 pm, I can find fault with pretty much anything.
2. I finally saw Bearskin on a real, live bookshelf (Barnes and Noble in Coralville).

Because Bearskin was published with a regional publisher, and because there are a million books in the world and they can't all be on every shelf, not every bookstore carries Bearskin. It is always available on Amazon or, and you can always request a B&N or an Indie store order it in for you, but as to what bookshelves it shows up on, all on its own, that seems to be pretty much a random sort of business. So, it was fun to be walking through the mall and finally see my own book on the bookshelves. I've certainly spent a few years walking through B&N and wishing that might be so. Ya…