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The Kings English Signing

Oh, boy am I behind. I guess that happens when you go on a two week vacation with 5 children and no husband and also release your first book. Today I spent all day doing laundry, balancing the budget, buying groceries, and returning tardy library books. What fun, what fun! But I sure want to thank all my friends and family for supporting me and coming out to last weeks signing at the Kings English.

This is my good friend Karin. Karin was my friend during my middle school years - enough said! - and also trailed me the entire winter I slipped and fell around campus while sporting a knee length cast for two broken toes. All our kids are similar ages and we really need to get them together and force them to be friends as well.


These girls also came to the Kings English... and yet somehow I have no photo from the bookstore!!! These are the girls I danced with, or in Annie's case, saw the original Star Wars re-released with. We had one more of us at the bookstore (Jenni!) so I'm totally bugged that we didn't get a photo there. Our kids definitely outnumber us, but we had a great time trying to escape the bees. I'm so thankful for these girls - who show up for me time, and time again.


College roommates!! These girls may know a little too much about my preference for staying home and reading a book to getting out and socializing. It was so great to see them, and they have been such a support to me. My first signed book went to Kyle - I totally messed up my signature, and had to resign it. I think she's still my friend ;)


And then I also got to see these lovely ladies (minus Kim and Julie) who were in my first ever writing group. Without their help and support I would still be writing notes to myself on my computer and hoping they made one bit of sense. It was so good to see everyone in one room again. Now that Gaylene's back to Utah, I just need to find a way to get myself back that direction so we can get together yet again! I'm so thankful for all their support. And also, check out that cute shirt Bree is wearing (2nd from the right) because she's the one who's opened a boutique shop and you too could wear such cuteness by visiting shopavenuebe


Lastly, I had the wonderful support of Justin's cousins, sisters, parents, and grandparents. I have not the foggiest idea why this picture is so.... foggy... but there you go. My family had all met together the week before for Ellie's birthday and my cousin's daughter's baby blessing... so they'd supported me tons and tons before the signing. (Also the Andersen's are not a photo kind of family.) But I spent these entire two weeks being loved and taken care of and congratulated. What great family I'm so blessed to have!


This crew knows how to end a night right and we all enjoyed more than our fair share of pie. Mmmmmm. Ellie and Meg say thanks to Grandma Paula and Grandpa Mark for the sugar love!




These girls were happy they were the oldest two and got to join us for a late night. What wonderful girls they are!!


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