Justin needed a haircut. He's been growing out his lovely locks, partly because I enjoy his curls. But the hair needed a little taming. When we looked online at hair photos we noted a startling resemblance to a fuzzy Prince Harry.


Since the "longer haired" Justin is a new experiment, Justin decided to visit a friend at a salon. He hoped to get a tad bit more advice than they offer at Great Clips, you know, when it comes to styling and "products."

On entering the salon, Justin found himself surrounded by women. One of those waiting was of the elderly variety. She sat in her chair, hands on her walker. She looked up when he passed through the door, and signaled for his attention.

It should be said that the cold of Iowa is meant only to be endured. After several years of experience, we've joined the Iowan club and taken to wearing jackets unless the mercury drops below freezing. But traveling by jacket often leaves you breathless upon entry. Justin stepped inside and shook off the chill.

"Young man," said the woman, "you look like you're ready for April?"

To which Justin quickly replied, "Oh, yes!"

Because who wouldn't trade a blustery January for the hopefulness of spring?

"Well!" said the woman, her reply quick and direct. "I'm April."

Justin laughed. A genetic fan of pun-laced conversation, he figured the old woman was at that happy point in life where inhibition disappears and joking pleasantry takes over. 

Following her remark, the woman drew herself up at her walker, her gaze still trained on my husband. A bit confused, Justin nevertheless decided to return her friendliness.

"Well, April, would you like to help me pick a haircut?"

Now it was the woman’s turn to look disoriented, but she sat down again anyhow. Justin joined her and pulled up the possible haircuts he'd been considering. Pictures of Prince Harry sprinkled the screen. A few moments passed, and then Justin was called for his appointment. As he stood to go, April spoke again:

"Oh!" she said. "So you're not the driver meant to take me home????"

And it all became clear. April had made no attempt at puns, or even elderly flirtation. April had simply wondered if Justin had come to drive her home. No wonder she'd been so confused when he sat down and considered haircuts with her. Normally taxi drivers don't act so oddly. I can only imagine her wonder at her chauffeur's strange behavior.

"Are you ready for April?" she'd asked.

"Oh, yes!"


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