And, of course, what happened with the hair

When a person devotes a whole blog post to writing about what haircut they might get, I guess they should post about what haircut they get. First of all, all my hair loveliness is due to the wonderful Julina Bell at Relik Salon in good ol' Provo. Need a good haircut and live in the area? You'll be happy to have gone to her.

Julina's before and after photos. And seriously.. who knew my hair was soooooo long. Okay, probably a lot of people. And they're probably relieved I chopped it off. And definitely my vacuum is happy. Now it's just eyeing my two girls and their lengthy locks. Meg is totally against cutting hers since her friends convinced her to chop it off in kindergarten. She's already felt haircut regret. but I must admit, I don't feel any regret at all this time around! It's so nice to have a change. True, I didn't dare for the pixie yet, but I think I need to be able to cut my hair regularly for that, and since I don't live in Provo and I can't fly Julina out to Iowa... there you go.


And here's me doing my own hair later. I actually managed it. Hair dryer and curling iron and all. It may have been the signing gods offering me a lucky break, since I haven't done it since. (Traveling for two days and catch-up household work, y'all.) And also, my niece Olivia has good tools in that bathroom of hers.


Yay for haircuts!


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