4 Things for Friday

Today's edition focuses on things I listened to while driving through the never-ending states of Nebraska and Wyoming.

Things I listened to while driving across the country:

1. Radio Lab

This podcast was recommended to me by my husband. The particular episode I want to highlight here is: The Rhino Hunter. This was such an eye-opening episode. While I've never been the type to picket hunters - because I believe that all people get choices, what what - I wasn't much a fan of hunting. This podcast gives great insight to the intertwining of conservation and hunting and never goes overboard in joining either side. Warning, there is some language (when it comes to death threats made toward hunters and such) and there is violence (when it comes to hunting and such). But, oh you should listen!!!


I picked up three different children's books to enjoy with the kid in the car. (We do a lot of movies too, but start with books in the morning to make the day pass.) Of all three, this was BY FAR the favorite. All six of us were enthralled with the story and none of us allowed the others to listen on when one person was missing from the car. Such a great, mysterious story. As my kids said: we got to figure things out along with the characters! And I was definitely listening instead of putting in the headphones for my own stuff.

I think I ran across this podcast after a feature on Segullah, but it's been so long now, I can hardly remember. Anyhow, it consists of recordings of a weekly mid-week scripture class held by a Utah Stake (Church organization). I'm still catching up on last spring's episodes - which means I'm in the Old Testament learning about David. What I love about these podcasts is the perfect balance of "scholarly" things I don't know (translation information, historical background) with actual gospel principles and "let's apply this to our life" messages. As someone who hasn't been to an actual Relief Society lesson in years, this is a way to get some adult spiritual goodness in my life, and you should go enjoy it too!

4. Family History

Also while driving, I had the luck to goad my mother into talking about Family History for an entire section of Wyoming. I learned more about the Granite Sheet Metal company my grandparents owned, about my grandfather's brothers and parents, and about quirky habits my grandparents had. I need to give myself more time for family history, because once you get listening you can't help but want to learn more. And you can't tell me there isn't some good writing material in all the interesting lives that came before mine!

And that's it for today, because apparently the number 5 is beyond my abilities this Friday! Happy Weekend!!!


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