The Lead-up to Bearskin’s Release, and a Giveaway

The Lead-up to Bearskin’s Release, and a Giveaway

This is reeeaaaalllly long, but please read it, because apparently I like to write novels. Ha ha ha!!!!!


We are getting to the final days before Bearskin’s official release! Which means this lovely book could be coming to your bookshelves/kindle shelves soon:





And which also means I will be hosting A GIVEAWAY that will be linked to from other blogs sharing the news about Bearskin. After all, the more people who know about Bearskin, the more people who have the chance to read it, which also means the more chance I have of being supremely embarrassed by this whole experience. Oh yes, I need to crawl back in my writer/reading cave and have a nap!

This is all crazy technology to me – and also I am going on a road-trip to visit family over Bearskin’s release – so I am trying to get things set up and running before I leave. You’ll have to forgive me if it makes no sense or is broken. I will work on it and fix it. And also that the contest is long (it ends on my birthday!). Like I said, I want to get it working before I get to Utah, and also I want all the blogs participating in my blog tour to have a chance to get involved.

Here’s what to win:

  1. A signed copy of Bearskin, with bookmark I awesomely designed at midnight. Skills, I tell you.
  2. A bag of chocolate covered cinnamon bears. 

Here’s how to enter:

  1. If you’ve already entered before and won (Angie, Kyle, and Donna) you are still welcome to enter! I’m all about winning as often as possible.
  2. If you are splendid enough to have already purchased Bearskin, still enter!!! When you share information about Bearskin, new people find out about the book. (And also, should you win, I will offer you a $10 Amazon Gift Card in lieu of the Bearskin you already bought, so you can get another book – or sundry Amazon item – out of the bargain. If you prefer the Barnes & Noble option, we can go with $10 there as well.)
  3. If you are splendid enough to want to buy Bearskin right now, please do, and also, please enter. Same rules above apply to you!!!
  4. Follow the directions:
  • follow me on twitter @jamierobynwood
  • visit my Facebook author page (I believe the link is in the contest????)
  • leave a blog post comment on this blog post saying a way you helped “share the news” about Bearskin. (Encouraging your library to order a copy, asking your local bookstore to order Bearskin for its shelves, suggesting the book to a friend, organizing a book club – which I’d be happy to Skype in and visit, inviting a friend to a signing or workshop event, adding the book on Goodreads, etc.)

****Open to US Shipping only!!!****


I hardly think that’s clear, but like I said: I’m learning. And I’m hoping to share Bearskin with all of you, and to have a great time doing it too. Here’s to contests, and winning prizes, and me getting over my technology/talking to other people aversions!!!!

And thank you all – already – for loving me along this journey. I think when anyone tries to talk to me about Bearskin I get a scared look on my face and start mumbling incoherently. So, here’s to you ALL for putting up with it!!!




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  1. Jamie! We are all excited here in California. My granddaughter, Grace, can hardly wait (can’t believe her good luck in having a real live author for a relative.) My book club will know soon with my big announcement. Have a wonderful time with this process – what an accomplishment!

    1. Author

      You’re so kind to share the excitement!! Thanks for the love.

  2. I don’t know if my comment ever went through, but I requested that the Salt Lake County library system buy the book. 🙂

    1. Author

      Thanks… it’s that last name thing… I’m going to work on that….

  3. I shared on facebook/ I shared on Pinterest/ I shared on Twitter/ Also on Google+ Bochellus, and Linkedin as Audrey Stewart.

  4. Requested the book at our local library!

  5. Jamie – I think it is the coolest thing ever that you’ve written a book!! I’ve told my whole family about it and they think its super cool too 🙂 I always knew you’d be an author even back when we were putting on plays in your backyard! Congratulations 🙂

    1. Author

      We were quite the playwrights, weren’t we? Thank you for sharing! and for sharing the memories!

  6. Hello 🙂 I am going to share on my social networks but the best way I think I can share is with my daughters .
    They are absolutely loving the remakes of fairy tales lately and I know that if they love it they will tell all their friends 🙂

    1. Author

      Thanks for sharing the love! I hope they enjoy!

  7. i was just telling a friend in Singapore about your book. I’ve also recommended it to my sisters and mom! Can’t wait to read it myself!

    1. Author

      All the way in Singapore 🙂 Thank for sharing!

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