Homeschool Misconception

Homeschool Misconception

There are people out there who think we chose homeschool because:

“There is a great big bad horrible world out there and we will avoid it at all costs and build ourselves a bomb shelter and never leave!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

This is NOT true. In fact, I believe that:

1.It’s important for children to experience things they don’t understand, and learn how to make sense of them properly, and then choose good. (This is one of the things I worry a lot about my children missing because our family chooses homeschool.)

2. The wonderful world has wonderful people in it, who help my children grow and learn. (We still try to take advantage of this by attending classes at our public school, being involved with homeschool groups, and volunteering.)


Really we homeschool because:

1.We have soooo little time with our children. Our local school day her goes from 8:45 to 3:45. This means that for my children (only one wakes up early, the rest must be dragged at the last moment) I will not actually interact with them until 4:00 pm. And then bedtime is in 4 hours???? This isn’t even discussing extra-curriculars like piano, ballet, and gymnastics, which wonderful grandparents help us experience while we’re in school.

1.We believe the relationships our children build with each other are some of the most important gifts they will ever have in this world. I want them to prize and love (and apparently hit and scratch) each other as much as possible. They NEED each other, and the reason I had so blasted many of them was so that they could have each other!

The End.

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