Last week we had some scrumptious mint chocolate chip cookies lying around the house. When it got to the end of our cookie existence, we decided to save the last cookies for a group of friends to visit. In my head (mother’s heads are soooooo annoying) we were going to save the cookies for later in the afternoon – maybe when everyone got in a fight and needed a little sugar. In Meg’s head we were going to eat them immediately.



And so, for the next hour or so, she and her friend would go play for a few moments and then they would accidentally meander past me while discussing cookies in loud voices. Over and over again.



Because I am sometimes a little stubborn – ha! – I quickly resolved to “save the cookies” for later in our playing fun. (This is not a discussion of my lame parenting skills – save it!) And as they meandered, and meandered, I became annoyed. (I know, lame parenting, lame parenting – once again, not the point!)



Anyhow it occurred to me that this is often how I must act when I’m discussing my wants and needs (according to me) with my Heavenly Father. I just KEEP. BRINGING. THEM. UP. Over and over and over. And meanwhile, he was planning to have the cookies be a fun surprise: an exciting moment, meant for later. (He’s not a lame parent like me. He actually has a plan with well-thought-out reasons and purpose.)



So, I guess what I’m saying is, maybe I should stop obsessing with the cookies and go play?

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