Today, Justin missed his bus. He had two streets to cross, yet only managed one before the bus pulled away. As he turned to head back home and wait for the next connection, a police car nearby made a u-turn and pulled up beside him:

"Can I help you make your bus?" the police officer said.

In this way, Justin ended up in the back of the police car, speeding to overtake the bus ahead. After passing several cars by swerving into the (empty) oncoming lane, the police car pulled up behind the bus. Of course, being seated in the rear of the car, Justin could not exit the vehicle himself - procedure, you know - and the police man had to exit the car and open the door for him. As he did so, he yelled at those climbing into the bus ahead:

"Hold that bus!"

While it is funny to imagine my husband in the back of a police car, swerving his way through lanes to catch the city bus ahead, my favorite image arrives here: at the end of the tale.

You know, when the police car lets the "prisoner" out of his vehicle and insists the bus gives him a ride instead. Were the other passengers scared, do you think?


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