Last night, for Family Night, Meg chose watching family videos for the activity. Instead of watching one of our favorites - like Meg eating seaweed at Carlsbad beach - we watched a disc we've never watched before... one that only has videos from our old picture camera. These were videos that I usually took instead of Justin, and rather than documenting vacations or birthdays they showed little tiny moments from our past. Ellie dancing in the kitchen. Meg throwing towels at her sister. Grant learning to roll over.  It made me smile to remember these moments, and made me wonder which moments from today I'll soon forget. Like Spencer kissing my big fat pregnant tummy and then saying in a happy, wishful tone: "doggy," or Grant declaring - when I asked what he wanted for lunch - McDonalds! - even though we were home and his options were peanut butter or cheese tortillas.  Time slips by quickly, and there is no catching it. I am glad there are opportunities to remember.


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