Star Trek

Lately I have regressed to my teenage years a bit and become obsessed with Star Trek.  Growing up, I loved to read.  And since I loved to read, I badgered my mother about books.  And since I badgered my mother about books, my older brother Michael started bringing me books to read.  And since my older brother Michael like Fantasy/Science Fiction books, so did I.  I also did literarily useless things like reading books based on comic books (Superman) and movies (Star Wars - yes, I read the books before I knew there was a movie.  I think that's quite insane.)  I also watched a lot of Star Trek.  Not the Original Series, the Next Generation.  But this last little while, with the release of the new Star Trek movie, I have dusted off the idea of the Original Series.  Justin and I watched "Wrath of Khan" together and have been watching the Original Series episodes on Netflix.  Much of the Original Series is borderline laughable.  Spock with green skin.  Phasers that shoot purple starbursts.  Plastic blue leaves on fake plants that awake wonder in the traveling crew of the USS Enterprise.  But still. I find myself obsessed.  Because wouldn't it be great to get on a really huge, really fast spaceship and go see something grand?  I must admit, the idea is rather exciting to me.  Recently I read a National Geographic issue that discussed how space travel even approaching anything of this sort is millenia away.  Tragic, tragic, tragic.  So, for now, I watch really bad special effects and think of how cool it would be.  Space...  The final frontier... These are the voyages....


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