Step Into Yourself

I was recently reading a book loosely based on the King Arthur stories.  (It moves the general storyline to a different point in history.)  At one point the main character receives the news that a.) his father and mother or not actually his parents.  b.) he will be going away to fight in the crusades immediately. and c.) an uncle who recently tried to kill him is his actual father.  After relaying all this exciting and mind-blowing news, Arthur's foster father tells him to go to the top of a nearby hill and "Step into Yourself."

I loved the simplicity of those words:  "Step Into Yourself."

How many times when we are overwhelmed do we forget to give ourselves time to step into ourselves?  And if we take that time we are much better prepared to face the future.  So, now I am going to remind myself to take those extra moments to "Step Into Myself" instead of rushing into what would otherwise be a crazy situation.

(Arthur: The Seeing Stone, Kevin Crossley-Holland.)


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